About shengwei

Dr. Ma Shengwei has spent last 20 years in numerical simulation, including writing CFD solver and applying numerical simulation in solving various real-world problems, including pollutant dispersion, sediment transport, heat transfer, membrane separation, water and waster treatment, centrifugal pump, natural ventilation, and separation systems.

You may get his detailed info on his expertise from Linkedin .

CFD in 2014

cfd in 2014

When a reader asked me whether there would be a post for CFD in 2014, I realized it is time to think about 2014.  CFD in 2013 is entering its grave. This post is the final nail in the coffin for that old post. So, it's time to talk about CFD  in 2014. Of course, I don't ...

Why isn’t open source CFD solution for everyone?


When open source CFD solution is talked, two familiar statements are often heard:  Open source CFD solution is cheap, because nothing can be cheaper than free.  Open source CFD solution is inferior, otherwise, why is it free? Both of them are wrong. Open source CFD solution is not cheap, although licensing is free Most open source CFD packages are licensed ...

CFD in 2013: what will change? what will not


Obviously, the doomsday didn't come. It proves again it is hard to predicate what will happen when you don't have sufficient knowledge on how the system works now. Maybe it is just a bug in Mayan's calendar (Google also forgot to put December in People App in Android 4.2 (aka Jelly Bean 4.2)  last November). Predicating ...

From post-processing and visualization to simulation result exploration


We all know post-processing, because it is part of CAE. All text books teach you how important the post-processing is. For most Generation Y engineers, post-processing (and maybe even the whole CAE) almost equals to visualization as discussed in this post. Yes, post-processing is important: it gives you the chance to justify your one-month (or one-day, or one-week, or ...

Top 5 misunderstandings on (good) mesh


Although there are quite a few mesh-free (mesh-less) FEA and CFD codes, meshing is still one of the most important tasks  for most CAE users. The importance of generating high quality mesh can never be overemphasized. But how to define a high quality, or more preciously good, mesh? Reading  the output of mesh quality report in ...

CAE in the Cloud, Is It Just Hot Air?


Cloud computing now is one of the fastest growing sectors in IT industry. How this will affect CAE industry? Actually, cloud computing is not new for CAE industry, especially for CFD users. 15 or 20 years ago, when you accessed supercomputers in the computing center from home or office through dial-up modems (do you what is ...

Navier-Stokes vs lattice Boltzmann: will it change the landscape of CFD?


For most people,  CFD is about continuity and Navier-Stokes equations.  But this is not always true. One of the alternatives for CFD simulation is lattice Boltzmann equation (LBE), where fluid is treated as fictitious mesoscopic  particles (not molecules). If you need something to make you sleepy, please read the short (and concise, and free) book:  A ...